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CECE is short for Preferred Time. It’s combined with brand new Gregorian (Christian) calendar. Le are a beneficial secular title put in lieu of Offer, hence means Anno Domini and you will means “The year your Lord”, an effective Christian-mainly based mention of the beginning regarding God(PBUH).
CoerceTo coerce (ko-URS) means to build anybody take action from the placing plenty pressure in it they own little solutions. Instance, intimidating people was ways to coerce him or her.
ColonizationEuropean energies-specifically The uk, France, and the Netherlands-got command over a lot of places in which Muslims will be bulk of people today. This new exclusions were Iran, Poultry and you can Saudi Arabia. In these around three countries, there clearly was solid colonial determine, but discover no armed forces conquest or occupation. That point of Western european colonialism already been since early in brand new 1700s occasionally, such as for instance Indonesia (colonized by Netherlands) and Asia (colonized by the The uk). Yet not, colonialism encountered the most readily useful impression from inside the 1800s and you can early 1900s.
MonarchA monarch was a ruler whoever directly to signal is actually hereditary-to put it differently, it’s inherited within this a household. A dominating monarch could be called a king, king, prince, caliph, emir or another term. Typically, monarchies had pair constraints on the strength. Today, some monarchies are particularly effective although some is actually restricted, revealing power which have selected agents. Countries that have monarchies now range from the British of good Britain, this new Kingdom out-of Morocco as well as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Patriarchy/PatriarchalPatriarchy is a common program of organizing neighborhood one to leaves the fresh most of strength in the possession of of males, tends to make lady and kids influenced by guys and you can set heredity statutes you to definitely proceed with the male range. […]