This is accomplished by monogamy, or at least of the stepping into secure sex when beyond your no. 1 relationships
Almost all people showed that that they had a task to protect the key partner’s vaginal fitness, by avoiding exposures so you can intimately transmitted issues.
To begin with, guys revealed that vaginal hygiene shared significantly so you’re able to an excellent female’s sexual appeal, to some extent related specifically in order to absence of odour:
Better, I am able to manage myself by avoiding sexual interactions out from my personal relationships as if you are going to cheating there will probably become consequences. (Bernardo, 56)
Yes, and regularly since the a man, guys are going to be promiscuous, and additionally they will be include themselves when they likely to keeps sexual relationships other than their formal lover. You can utilize an effective condom and also you must not kiss her, simply just make love which is all. (Fernando, 39)
That it new member identifies their efforts to cease getting a bacterial infection family so you can his wife immediately after having sexual intercourse which have a laid-back lover:
Which means you take action immediately after which that’s it, you take proper care of oneself… I cleanse my knob that have water and you can Clorox after this new incident, immediately after it simply happened…As to the I am aware, Clorox kills Helps otherwise they kills particular diseases…the fresh new germs and you may germs and all of you to definitely…I happened to be very terrified putting Clorox upright on my manhood, but more than anything Used to do it for my wife’s coverage, you know? I did not need to broadcast anything to their. (Fernando, 39)
Implications of thought practices
Interview showed that ladies vaginal health got several meanings for men. […]