Dipo, Ghana From inside the Ghana, brand new Krobo class raises girls to help you adulthood to the several-go out Dipo service
Ji Li and you may Guan Li, Confucian – China In a number of elements of Asia, there’s also been a resurgence of Confucian-style upcoming of age ceremonies Ji Li (for females) and Guan Li (to own males). Women be involved in good hairpin service in which the lady locks will get clean, combed, and set toward an updo with pins produced from gold, jade, otherwise wood.
Gwan Rye, Southern area Korea Every third Monday of Get, Korean men to twenty years dated commemorate durante masse having Gwan Rye
Ladies, the BunlarД± deneyebilirsin virgins, get paraded in the area as the Dipo-yi, or starts. He or she is offered a routine shower, eat sugar cane, take in a beverage (made of millet beer, hand drink, and you will schnapps), as well as their feet was « washed » with slaughtered goats’ bloodstream. Immediately after these types of means, the women leave their village to reside in confinement for an excellent times where he is instructed regarding the childbearing, preparing, housekeeping, and you can what they thought getting a good girlfriend. They then come back to the community and perform some « klama » moving half-dressed and decorated having beans and the entire body color.
Seijin Zero Hello, Japan The next Monday in January marks Japan’s specialized Upcoming of Years Time. It’s known a-year of the someone that have turned 20 the new 12 months earlier in the day and you will concerns ceremonies hosted because of the state government organizations taking the fresh celebrants since specialized people in a position to drink, tobacco cigarette, enjoy, and push. […]