He existence to own food, sex, alcoholic drinks, as well as other hedonistic anything
In business and you will functions, Leo Boy can be quite aggressive. They have the brand new ambition so you’re able to code other people. They can getting a beneficial commander and you may is designed to mold a good industry for the exactly what he believes it must be. The guy desires anyone else to adhere to your and you may hates to-be disagreed with.
Leos is overindulgent. The guy desires to live life. Getting your, every day life is supposed to be appreciated in which he will free zero rates to ensure that him to do so. He might become sleeping having an other woman when you are unable to give him his carnal need. He is able to in addition to psychologically eat otherwise binge take in whenever things is actually up.
And you can element of allowing you to be the lioness which you try, he’ll will let you enjoy, romp, and express your own sexuality
Boys using this type of indication are drawn to government and you will newest occurrences. He loves to discuss what is going on around your. The guy desires has actually an individual who is also pay attention to your cam on the these materials. […]