We’ll pick to which one the brand new Olympian gives brand new fame
A true resolution of your own contending states out-of kleos toward one hand, and philia (« love ») and you may eleos on the other, is only hit when the crisis try played aside entirely when you look at the a man domain name, because it’s once Guide VI
sion off equilibrium anywhere between opposing welfare. Andromache’s bleak and you can despairing vision within the XXII, that is combined with an enthusiastic acknowledgement you to definitely Hector possess indeed hit new kleos among the many Trojans therefore the Trojan females (XXII.514) whereby he previously longed before (VI.442), reaffirms the essential incompatibility of one’s masculine and you will female spheres, and you may productivity me to the world of the initial four books of your own Ilz »advertisement. […]