The body for this page try a Microsoft Excel (TM) dinner table revealing the results in our consistency matter.
Seriation 2: Graph the info
All of our next thing should setup a club graph with the percentages from the things in the junkyard products. Microsoft shine (TM) has created for all of us a lovely stacked pub chart for people. Each taverns found in this chart signifies a unique junkyard; several colored locks express rates of artifact sorts within those junkyards. Significant percent of artifact varieties are generally highlighted with lengthy pub snippets and smaller percentages with smaller pub snippets.
Seriation 3: Assemble Your Own Battleship Curves
Following that, most people break apart the bars and align these people so the whole set of same colored taverns are put vertically beside the other people. Horizontally, the taverns nonetheless express the rates of melodious recording varieties in each junkyards. […]