The fresh STHA process contains five successive day of temperatures coverage (39
Short-Name Temperatures Acclimation (STHA)
5°C; 60% RH) for 90 min a day, using the controlled hyperthermia technique (Garrett et al., 2009), with permissive dehydration (Garrett et al., 2014). Participants cycled (Monark 824E, Monark Exercise AB, Varberg, Sweden) against a self-selected resistance at 60 rpm attaining a Tre 38.5°C, as quickly as possible and maintained for the 90 min of exposure by regular adjustment of workload. However, an initial workload of 60 watts for the first 5 min duration was the same for all participants at the start of each day’s trial. Elevation of Tre to the same point during heat exposures was to increase workload progressively during the week. The fluid-regulatory hormone aldosterone [aldosterone]p, electrolytes (Na + , K + , and Cl ? ), proteins (total protein [TP]p; Albumin [alb]p), cortisol [cortisol]p and percentage change in plasma volume (%PV) were measured at rest and end of acclimation bouts on day 1 and day 5. Time (minutes) time to a Tre of 38.5°C and work (J) was recorded on each day of acclimation.
Urinary steps
Urine samples were gotten both before and after time step 1 and you can big date 5 acclimation. Using new pee examples, urine specific-gravity and you can pee color had been measured playing with a good calibrated refractometer (Uricon-Letter, Urine specific-gravity refractometer, Atago Co., Tokyo, Japan) and you can urine color graph (Armstrong ainsi que al., 1994, 1998), respectively. […]