We provided the fresh new presents each time, just just after gender simply
But really, very carefully articulated narratives concerning voluntary quality of the fresh present and the new timing of one’s transfer signify one to premarital partnerships inside Balaka are qualitatively distinctive from men and women where sex was explicitly transactional
For your age of our relationship Lydia never ever expected myself for cash otherwise gift ideas, however, I gave these to her to show that i top her. (Abdul, age 21)
The brand new timing of one’s import is a function of the brand new work away from sex, and of faith and like. It is quite a purpose of the availability of the money, just like the told by that interviewer from the James:
The guy said he was providing the girl detergent otherwise currency yet not on typical times. Either he may bring her money, and you will immediately following years, possibly several weeks afterwards, he’d [give] their soap. Sometimes if the he previously a king’s ransom [he] you will definitely give it so you’re able to the girl immediately, otherwise get this lady ointment. (James, years 19)
At the same time, ladies and you will guys point out whenever money is maybe not expected having but provided voluntarily, once the 17-year-dated Annie informs they:
The guy provides these gifts almost everywhere we satisfy. I remember eventually I had something special from your when I confronted by him from the a specific grocery. At the time, I went along to buy detergent as he was only emailing his friends, in which he gave me this provide versus me personally begging him. (Annie, ages 17) […]